Charges Dropped Against Miami Beach Backwards Jogger

Alex Mesa, who was cited for obstructing traffic back in April, will be allowed to keep jogging backwards

A man who was cited for running backwards on Miami Beach was in court Monday where a judge dropped all the charges against him.

Alex Mesa was cited for obstructing traffic back on April 6 after someone called 911 to report his unusual running style in the area of James Avenue and 17th Street.

Police said Mesa was jogging in between cars and refused to stop. Tourists had even posted video of him jogging on YouTube.

"I'm very happy because the ticket was dismissed," a smiling Mesa said Monday. "The judge made it very clear, if I'm gonna jog, stay in the bike lane which, that's all the cops had to say at the beginning."

Mesa said he has been running backwards in Miami Beach for eight years, and has no plans on slowing down.

"Right now, I can go back to jog at the beach backwards with no stress. Justice has been served," he said. "Backwards jogging, that's not gonna end."

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