South Florida

Charter School Recovers Fundraising Money From Restaurant

Schools depend on fundraisers to cover certain costs. So when a South Florida charter school didn’t see the cash they raised from an event at a fast-food restaurant, they turned to NBC 6 Responds.

This all started in April, when the HIVE Prep School in Hialeah hosted two fund-raising nights at a McDonald’s Restaurant on Northwest 67th Avenue. One night raised $600, the other $550.

The money was supposed to help pay for a field trip, but when two months passed and the restaurant still hadn’t forked over the money, the school’s PTA had to loan the money for the trip.

Then someone associated with the school contacted NBC 6 Responds, saying they were “baffled by this turn of events” adding that “…the school has held similar events at the restaurant for the past four years and has always enjoyed a positive relationship.”

McDonalds looked into the situation after we got involved. Chris Sparks, McDonald’s Director of Operation, sent us a statement saying:

"We are grateful for the opportunity to resolve this issue, which was a result of miscommunication on our part. I contacted the school upon learning of this situation and immediately took steps to provide them with their well-deserved funds. We apologize to the school, students, and parents for the delay. We take pride in being a good community partner and look forward to continuing to work with Hive Preparatory School and other schools within our community."

The restaurant sent the school a check for $1,150 – the amount raised by both events.

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