Chasing the Dragon: The Growing Heroin Crisis Across South Florida

Chasing the dragon is reaching a crisis level in South Florida.

It’s what drug users call the search for their next hit of heroin often found laced with the more powerful chemical - fentanyl.

Dying is proving to be a risk worth taking for users who talked to the NBC 6 Investigators.

"I’m scared of getting shot. I’m scared of getting hit by a car. I’m scared of falling off a bridge," one user told us. "I’m not scared of dying off a shot of dope."

In a Friday news conference, officials with City of Miami police and Miami Dade Police plan to announce how they're teaming up to find the source of the deadly fentanyl-laced heroin.

The NBC 6 Investigators found heroin-related deaths have quadrupled in recent years. A more recent spike in overdose deaths is leading to officials to alert people to the crisis. 

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