The Saggy Pants Bandit Loves Him a Slurpee

Beltless crook has hit 17 7-Elevens so far

The crimes aren't a laughing matter, but the nickname given to the culprit by cops is.

He's the Saggy Pants Bandit, or at least that's what the guy is being called and he apparently loves 7-Eleven. Maybe his nickname should be Slurpee.

Either way, the suspect might be the most wanted man in South Florida right now. 

He has robbed 28 convenience stores from Lake Worth to Miramar, but can't help himself from stopping off at a 7-Eleven. He's hit 17 different locations of the national convenience store chain.

What's odd is he has been caught in the act virtually every time he has robbed a place by security cameras. And in each frame, he is showing the cops, and everyone else, his ass.

And that's where he gets his name. The only identifier cops have right now is the guy doesn't wear a belt and his pants sag. Hard to make an arrest on that description.

The reward has jumped to $12,500 for any information on the man with the low-lying trousers. Officials for 7-Eleven have vowed $10,000 for the man's capture.

That could buy a whole lot of belts.

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