Toddler Dies After Being Run Over by SUV: MDPD

A 2-year-old has died after she was run over by an SUV driven by her great-aunt, Miami-Dade Police said.

Police said 56-year-old Annette Walker was dropping off the child and the child's mother at their home when the incident happened Friday afternoon in the 10900 block of Southwest 222nd Terrace.

"It's such a tragic situation and our hearts go out to the family at this time of year," said Det. Marjorie Eloi with MDPD.

The child, identified as Alexia Leaks, was airlifted to Nicklaus Children's Hospital but was pronounced dead.

Investigators said both Walker and the child's mother thought Alexia had run inside the home after they pulled up. Detectives were told the adults got into a short conversation and then said goodbye.

As Walker pulled away, they soon found out the little girl had been standing on the street, and was run over by the SUV.

"My friend, she is a good person. A minister. I'm sure she's upset," said Cathy Eutsey, family friend.

Police said Walker was devastated and needed medical attention. She was transported to a nearby hospital.

Investigators said although what happened is still under investigation, they said based on evidence found at the scene and witness statements, this appears to be an accident.

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