Children Honored For Calling 911 While Suspects Rob Their Home

Alexis and Darren were honored on Monday by the Broward County Sheriff

Alexis Stannis and her little brother Darren hid as three robbers tried to break in to their Pompano Beach home last week.

She had locked her bedroom door and called 911.

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“Me and my brother are home alone and two guys are in our backyard trying to break in," she said.

For 10 minutes, the 13-year-old remained calm, though there was fear in her voice.

"Dispatcher: They're trying to come into your room?
Alexis: No, they're in my brother's room which is right next door.
Dispatcher: Okay
Alexis: Please come right now."

BSO deputies arrived shortly after and the three robbers, one armed with a knife, were caught hiding in the closet next door. They had come in through an unlocked back window. Two 15 year olds and a 17-year-old were charged with armed burglary, and even admitted to breaking into the house next door.

"They will knock on the door. If no one answers, that's when they go around to the back of the house and they break in .We can't tell our kids any longer just don't answer the door,” Lamberti said.

On Monday both children were honored with lapel pins and awards of excellence by Broward County Sheriff.

"She responded better than a lot of adults would in a very similar situation. She remained calm," Lamberti said.

The teen’s mother, Tracy Stoudt, shared a tip.

"At least let them know somebody's home, somebody knocks on your door be like ‘Oh, we're not interested,’" she said.

Darren Stannis said home owners should be cautious.

"You could have an extra car sitting at the house so they probably think that somebody's home but not," he said.

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