Children's Guardian Disputes Polo Founder's Adoption of Girlfriend

Hutchins is estimated to receive $9 million from Goodman's trust.

The legal guardian of the two children of millionaire polo mogul John Goodman filed papers to dispute a judge’s decision allowing the founder to adopt his adult girlfriend and entitling her to money from his trust, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Jeffrey Goddess, the children’s guardian, and lawyer Joseph Rebak argued that the judge that approved Goodman’s adoption of 42-year-old Heather Hutchins was not well informed of the money Goodman may be ordered to pay in court to the family of a DUI manslaughter victim, the Post reported.

But Goodman's representatives argue that he adopted his girlfriend so that she could use the inherited money in the trust and fight a company he thinks mismanaged his money.

"If Mr. Goodman is bound to Ms. Hutchins and feels as though he would like to protect her and take care of her financially, the obvious solution would be to marry her— not to make her his child," Rebak was quoted as saying.

Hutchins is estimated to receive as much as $9 million from the several hundred million dollar trust. The money will now be divided between Hutchins and his two biological children, rather than split in two for his children alone, according to the Post.

Goodman is facing a DUI manslaughter charge for the death of 23-year-old Scott Wilson. In February 2010, Goodman allegedly ran a stop sign and crashed into Wilson’s car, killing him.

A jury in a civil case will soon decide how much of Goodman’s money will be awarded for damages to the Wilson family. It can now consider Hutchins’money from the trust.

Goodman’s criminal case for the DUI manslaughter will begin in March. He could serve up to 30 years in prison if found guilty in the crash.

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