Chilling 911 Calls Released in Burned Teen Tragedy

Witnesses comfort as teen screams in pain in 911 tapes released

Frantic callers try to comfort 15-year-old Michael Brewer as he screams in pain after a pack of teens set him on fire in the chilling 911 calls of the Monday incident released by officials today.

"A little boy just caught on fire and he jumped inside of a swimming pool," a frenzied woman tells a Broward Sheriff's Office 911 dispatcher, as Brewer, delirious with pain, cries out for help in the background. "It's gonna be ok sweetheart."

Moments earlier, Brewer was doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire, allegedly by a group of teens bent on revenge.

The caller tries to comfort Brewer any way she can after the teen leaped into the pool at the Deerfield Beach apartment complex to douse the flames.

"His skin is peeling off...Can I take off his clothes sir? Should I take off the clothes that burned on him or should I leave them on?" the caller asks.

Brewer alternates between blood-curdling screams and soft crying as the dispatcher tries to get the woman caller to relax.

"I know this is an intense situation right now but I need you to calm down. Is he completely alert?" the dispatcher asks.

"Yes, he is, he 's screaming, he's alert...He can breathe," she says, then she describes Brewer's injuries. "His chest, his head, his hair, his chest is red...the skin is coming off."

"If his clothes are burning or smoldering, douse it with water immediately," the dispatcher responds.

The dispatcher asks how the fire started, and the woman asks Brewer, who tries to answer through the screaming.

"Somebody put stuff on me...I don't know. I don't know what happened, they threw stuff at me," Brewer says. "Please help me."

Brewer requests water at one point, but the dispatcher tells the woman he shouldn't be ingesting anything.

"Someone's coming sweetie, someone's coming" says the woman. "Just relax, just breathe for me ok, you're gonna be ok, paramedics are on their way...they're gonna take care of you."

The woman tells the dispatcher Brewer was a "ball of fire" before he leapt into the pool.

A second female caller tells 911 she saw the whole thing happen from her apartment window.

"Another kid threw fire on another kid...oh God...He's in the pool," she says. "He was on fire and I was watching him going by."

Five teens have been charged in the horrific blaze, which authorities say began over a $40 video game Brewer accepted from 15-year-old Michael Bent.

According to police, Bent tried to steal a custom bicycle that belonged to Brewer's dad as compensation after Brewer didn't pay for the game, but was chased away from the Brewer home.

Bent, 15-year-old Denver Colorado Jarvis, his brother, 13-year-old Jeremy Jarvis, Steven Shelton and Jesus Mendez were all charged with aggravated battery in the attack. Mendez was charged with attempted second-degree murder because police said he started the fire.

All five teens have been ordered held for 21 days in a juvenile detention center until prosecutors determine whether to charge them as adults.

Brewer is still in intensive care at Jackson Memorial Hospital with severe burns on nearly 70 percent of his body.

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