Students Freed from Chinese Quarantine

A group of Florida teens are finally released after being locked in a Chinese swine flu scare.

The dozens of U.S.  students that went to China expected to see more than the inside of their hotel rooms, and now they might finally get a chance to do some sight-seeing.

On Monday, Chinese officials freed the students, including nine South Florida kids, after quarantining the traveling group amid fears some of them might infect the other billion-plus citizens with the swine flu.

In fact, none of the students had the H1N1 virus, but they were still trapped in their rooms for a seven-day period as a precaution.

"They're on the road again. They're happy," Freddy Aquino, who spoke to his 17-year-old son, Malcolm Aquino, of Plantation, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The high school and middle school students were on a trip sponsored by People to People Student Ambassador Program, based in Spokane, Wash. The group was scheduled to return to the states on June 22, but some might extend their stay to June 27.

The teens passed the time with board games, video games and water guns supplied by the Chinese government. Not quite the Great Wall, but close.

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