Chris Bosh Expected to Leave Hospital Soon: Miami Heat

All-Star forward Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat is expected to leave a South Florida hospital in the coming days, another positive development as he continues to recover from blood clots making their way to one of his lungs.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Monday that Bosh's release will be "soon," but did not offer a specific timetable.

"We don't know the exact date yet," Spoelstra said. "He's getting a little bit better."

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was at Miami's home game against Philadelphia on Monday night, and sent Bosh his best wishes.

"I know it's devastating for him but the great news is this is very treatable, this condition," Silver said in an interview with Sun Sports, which broadcasts Heat games. "He's going to be on medication for a while that's going to dictate he can't play for a certain number of months, but he'll be back at full strength."

Bosh has been hospitalized since last week after the clots were found on his lung, a diagnosis that came after he didn't feel well for several days. He sought treatment from other doctors for pain his in his side and back, though was still able to play in the Feb. 15 All-Star Game before his condition worsened.

The Heat announced Saturday that Bosh will miss the remainder of the season.

Bosh averaged 21.1 points and 7.0 rebounds per season, and his health scare is still sending shock waves through a team that's fighting to hang on to a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

"It opens your eyes to something bigger and you have more appreciation of life every day," Heat guard Dwyane Wade said. "Chris hasn't been outside since he went in. He just wants to go outside. Simple things we take for granted."

In the televised interview, Silver said he spoke with Bosh at the All-Star weekend and that Bosh told him how eager he was for the second half of the season. Silver also said he and Bosh have struck up a strong friendship over the years.

"He's a multifaceted guy," Silver said. "He happens to play basketball but he's a computer expert, he's a digital expert, it's amazing what he does in the community. He's very involved in the league's international efforts, does all kinds of things that people never know about. And so my heart goes out to him."

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