Chunks of Concrete Fall From Brickell Metromover Station

Pieces of concrete crashed to the ground at a metromover station in Brickell Wednesday evening.

The chunks fell from under the tracks onto a curb at a busy intersection at the south end of the Fifth Street Station, transit officials said. A man walking his dog under the tracks said he heard the pieces tumbling down. He told NBC 6 he took off running and dodged the debris.  

Juan Serrano posted a photo to Twitter showing broken concrete strewn across the pavement.

Officials said they don't know what caused the concrete to drop. There were no injuries reported.

The south side of the station was closed, but the north end remained open. Metromover services were not affected by the falling debris.

An inspector was scheduled to check the affected area after 10 p.m. following a planned early shutdown of the metromover for construction of the Brightline commuter rail system.

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