City Cracks Down on Filthy, Panty-Free Employees

Florida town wants workers to stay fresh, not dress fresh

While it's sad that the employees of Brooksville require a dress code to force them use deordorant and wear underwear, it's even sadder that the town's mayor voted against the measure.

The city council voted 4-1 in favor of the policy this month, with Mayor Joe Bernadini of the backwater town north of Tampa the only dissenter.

"I think in a way it takes away freedom of choice," Bernadini told the Tampa Tribune. While he noted that the dress code would bring more professionalism to the city, Bernadini said it seemed "a little far-fetched."

The code will force city employees to adhere to "strict personal hygiene," while not wearing clothes with dirty words or images or drug use messages. Also, piercings will only be allowed on the ear. Repeated violations could result in termination from the job.

It's unclear what prompted the requirement of underwear, but regarding the rules Bernadini said "there are those who have to be told."

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