Miami Beach

City Leaders Look to Rebrand Miami Beach on Memorial Weekend

In Miami Beach, Memorial Day weekend means Urban Beach Week. But for this year, there's a new push to quiet the party and to rebrand the city as a family-friendly destination.

Miami Beach is gearing up to host the first arts and culture program city leaders call ReFrame Miami Beach. The event is meant to spark conversations about inclusion and features artists' work throughout the city.

"We're sensitive to the fact that we don't want to be viewed as trying to exclude any group, racial demographic of any kind, and part of it is to create activities that maybe are more in line with what we want to see on the beach and promoting great art, the movies, seminars," said Miami Beach city manager Jimmy Morales.

The city is also hosting the National Salute to America's Heroes Hyundai Air and Sea Show. Then on Monday, there will be a memorial and wreath laying ceremony to honor fallen heroes.

"That's part of it is the daytime activities, historically, all they had to do was sit all day and drink," Morales said. "So we want to create some other activities."

In addition to new programming, the city will will go into high-impact mode: police will work 13-hour shifts with 407 officers from multiple cities. 

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