City Of Miami Adds 60 Red Light Cameras

The city plans to add 35 more within the next months.

The City of Miami installed 60 new red light cameras and plans to add 35 more within the next months, The Miami Herald reported.

The cameras, which were installed at intersections beginning in January 2011, have issued photos for 77,504 violations in one calendar year, the newspaper said. Just over half of each $158 fine goes to the Florida Department of Revenue for the city, according to Albert Sosa, the head of a capital improvement program. Another portion of the ticket money goes to the private vendor of the cameras.

“The program has reduced red light running in the City of Miami, which has improved safety for motorists,” Sosa was quoted as saying. “Furthermore, we are seeing a reduction in the number of vehicles that block the crosswalks, which makes pedestrian and cyclist crossings safer. Overall, the City of Miami Police Department has reported a 7.3 percent reduction of accidents at treatment intersections.”

Residents have had mixed feelings about the cameras, but Sosa said the cameras are there to help protect the city's people.

“The purpose of the city’s red light camera program is to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in the City of Miami,” Sosa was quoted as saying.

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