Civilian Pulls Over Cop for Allegedly Speeding: Video

The officer responded by apologizing.

A Florida woman turned the tables on a police officer, "pulling him over" for allegedly speeding Sunday afternoon.

Claudia Castillo recorded video of her interaction with the Miami-Dade police officer and said in the video, "He's been driving recklessly and pushing 80 to 100 miles per hour."

The officer said he was on his way to work and didn't believe he had been speeding. He said he pulled over because he thought Castillo, who was flashing her lights and honking her horn, was having an emergency.

"I saw you since Miller Drive when you were first jumping on to the Palmetto and you were pushing 90 miles an hour," Castillo said in her confrontation with the officer.

The officer responded by apologizing and telling Castillo, "I'll be sure to slow down then."

The Miami-Dade Police Department said in a statement authorities will have the officer's "immediate command staff investigate the matter, once the officer and citizen are identified. The appropriate course of action will be taken at that point."

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