Clear The Shelters 2019: Don't Forget the Felines

As NBC 6 works to Clear the Shelters, we know a lot of you are busy, maybe even because you already have pets or kids or just busy jobs. But there may still be some perfect paws and purrs for you.

At Bettina Kuske's office at Broward County Animal Care and Adoption, cats temporarily take over, helping her de-stress.

"My job here is to deal with numbers and admin work and the time in between I can hold a cat," Kuske said. "It also socializes them."

Kuske said playing with the felines also helps get them adoption-ready.

"You don't need to give them a walk, they entertain themselves. Get a toilet paper roll and they will play for hours," Kuske said.

NBC 6 and Telemundo 51 are participating in the Clear the Shelters event on Saturday, August 17. For more information and shelter locations, click here.

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