Amanda Plasencia

Co-Defendant Testifies in Hollywood Beating, Rape Trial

Wednesday was day two of the trial for Jayvon Woolfork, who is accused of sexually assaulting and kidnapping a teenage girl in Hollywood.

One of his co-defendants testified in front of the jury.

Jurors watched video of Woolfork's first interview with police. He repeatedly denied raping the victim but then goes back and forth about whether he had sex with the victim.

Disturbing cellphone video taken by the teens during the alleged assault was shown in the courtroom. You can see the victim being beaten over and over, her head pounded into the pavement and then dragged by her hair.

The victim said two girls, Patricia Montes and Erica Avery, turned on her and instigated the beating. She testified that two boys, Dwight Henry and Lanel Singleton, also got involved. She claims all four teens tore her clothes off and held her down while Woolfork allegedly raped her.

Montes choked up and got emotional as she took the stand on Wednesday, saying this was not consensual sex between Woolfork and the victim.

Montes also testified the victim was beaten, had swollen eyes and was bleeding from her ears after being kicked and beaten for hours.

The defense still argues that it's unclear what actually happened in the bedroom since that was not recorded.

The trial will pick up again next week. If convicted of these crimes, Woolfork could face life in prison.

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