Cocaine-Carrying Key West Man Tells Cops He Didn't Know It Was Illegal

Guy Lanchester, 46, was arrested on possession of cocaine.

A Key West man arrested on cocaine possession allegedly told police he did not know the drug was illegal in the state of Florida, according to a police report.

Officers responded to a call reporting three suspicious people standing behind the Conch Tour Station and then walking onto the property of the Pier House Resort Sunday, the report said.

When police arrived and found the subjects, an officer saw 46-year-old Guy Lanchester stand up from a seated position and walk behind a "sign/flower pot to conceal his actions," the report said.

The officer walked toward Lanchester and saw he was fumbling with a small plastic bag that appeared to contain a white powder, police said. When the officer asked what he had in his hand, Lanchester quickly shoved the bag into the flower pot, according to the report.

The officer retrieved the bag and tested the substance, which came out positive for cocaine.

When he got to the jail, Lanchester told police, "I don't understand... I thought cocaine wasn't illegal in Florida," according to the report.

Lanchester is being held without bond, online jail records show.

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