Florida's New Slogan: “Come Visit Our Dirty Sand”

When you're checking out the hot bods on the sands of South Beach, be careful not to trip over that rotting carcass.

Oh, and watch out for that syringe and broken glass.

Basically, it might be a good idea to wear a bio-hazard suit to the beach if you believe a recent report by an environmental group that ranked Florida as the state with the third trashiest beaches in the nation, as reported in the Miami Herald.

The group, Ocean Conservancy, used a 2008 nationwide coastal clean up to come up with its conclusion that Florida beach-goers can be down right nasty sometimes.

Everything from dead animals to dirty diapers littered Florida beaches in heavy numbers last year.

Tops on the list of filthy items collected by Ocean Conservancy in 2008 were cigarette butts, which outpaced traditional disposal items one might figure to discover at the beach like condoms, beer bottles and soda cans.

Shotgun shells and used car parts also made the list of common items, proving that Florida is a diverse melting pot - even for trash. Overall, more than 200 tons of trash were collected from the not-so-white sands last year.

Stopping Florida from claiming the top spot as the mecca of unclean oceanfront property were California and North Carolina.

But who cares if you step on a used maxi pad on the beach when an oiled up hottie sunbathing is in your sights. 

One suggestion: It might be a good idea to keep your sandals on.

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