Comedian Running for Miami Beach Mayor on the “After Party” Ticket

Steve Berke says he is serious about his run at Miami Beach mayor

Some critics would say Miami politics are one big joke.

Steve Berke aims to make it so.

The comedian and former reality show contestant plans to make the Miami Beach mayoral race a real three-ring circus after announcing he would run for mayor Tuesday.

Steve Berke for Mayor

And in true South Beach form, Berke isn't running on the platforms of the Democrat or Republican Party. He's asking for your vote on the "After Party" ticket.

“So if you don’t want your taxes as high as my blood alcohol level right now, come join our party," Berke said in a YouTube video announcing his candidacy. "We’re not the Republican party. We’re not the Democratic party. We’re the after party.”

That actually fits considering Berke wants to keep all clubs and bars open until 5 a.m.

Berke says one of the issues he plans to really light a fire under in Miami Beach is legalizing marijuana. He became infamous for a music video, "Should be Legalized," he posted on YouTube about smoking weed.

Winning an election might be even tougher than getting legal weed. Incumbent Mayor Matti Herrera Bower is also running for her third term.

Berke said he also plans to push his support of gay marriage and his plans to bring a casino to Miami Beach.

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