Commissioner's Son Told Friend of Plot to Kill His Dad

More disturbing facts have been revealed in the disturbing shooting death of a South Miami commissioner

At first, it was considered a tragic accident.

Now the shooting death of South Miami Commissioner Jay Beckman is looking more and more like a deliberate and calculated murder plot by a son against his dad.

According to police records, Beckman's son, Jason, told a high school buddy he planned to kill his dad and claim it was an accident, the Miami Herald reported Tuesday.

''He told me that it's because his dad took away his ability to feel, that he didn't have any emotions and he hated that,'' 17-year-old Lisa Kathie Syren told Miami-Dade detectives in the records.

To authorities credit, they had suspicions about young Beckman's story from the outset and never let him leave the precinct after the shooting. Jason Beckman, 17, claimed he was showing his dad a shotgun he had assembled when he slipped on something and accidentally shot his father while he was in the shower.

A search of Jason Beckman's belongings by police unveiled what amounts to a hit list with his dad's name on the top of it.

Jay Beckman, 52, was a single dad and a bit of a hot head as a commissioner, but he was a loving father, colleagues said in the days after his passing.

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