Community Mourns the Loss of 17 People in Parkland School Shooting

A community is in mourning after 17 people were tragically killed in a mass shooting Wednesday at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

Matthew Infante, who drove about 50 miles from the Kendall area, was sitting quietly near a makeshift memorial to pay respect to the lives of the 17 victims killed.

“I know nobody on these walls, yet I want justice for them,” said Infante. “I want my heart to beat for all of them. I will make sure I will remember their names. I can only imagine the kind of terror and pain that went through their final moments, especially to the families of all of them.”

Precious lives and bright futures – tragically cut short. Matthew, like so many others, feel pain and anger.

“I don’t like it one bit. And the man that did this is a coward. I don’t even want to call him a man for even resorting to something like this. It’s atrocious and infuriating,” said Infante. “I didn’t even know any of them, yet I feel this. I can only imagine what the actual families feel.”

The attorney for the accused killer said Nikolas Cruz will plead guilty, if the death penalty is taken off the table.

But in a statement, the Broward County State Attorney said Saturday, in part, “This certainly is the type of case the death penalty was designed for.”

Cruz was expelled from Stoneman Douglas last year for disciplinary reasons. Reports say he regularly got in trouble in school for years. Red flags were shown, but acted upon too late.

“This is saddening and infuriating and a whole bunch of other things that I can’t even list right now. But to top it all off, the one thing that I feel right now is anger; anger that this man even did this. He took so many lives,” said Infante. 

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