Conjugal Visits: BSO Jail Deputy Arrested for Sex With Inmates

Three deputies charged with misconduct, one had sex with inmates

Three Broward Sheriff's Office deputies have been arrested and accused of making jail a much friendlier place than it should be.

The group were smuggling in cell phones and other items to the incarcerated criminals and one woman allegedly was having sex with inmates, prosecutors claimed Thursday in court.

Salisa Pascoe, 29, 21-year-old Kiara Monet Walker and Roderick Lorenzo Lopez were in bond court and charged with misconduct among other charges.

Pascoe, a six-year veteran at the jail, is charged with two counts of having sex with inmates and sexual misconduct. Pascoe admitted to investigators that she had sex with an inmate in a jail storage room.

Investigators have not released details on how they got wind of the improper accommodations in the Broward jail, but we doubt any of the inmates were complaining.

We will tell you more as it becomes available.

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