Constituents Furious After Sen. Marco Rubio Skips Town Hall Meeting

A group of South Florida voters are furious after Senator Marco Rubio turned down an invitation to a town hall meeting Thursday. The Republican was in town but skipped the meeting.

However, Rubio was confronted by constituents who questioned why he declined the invitations.

The encounters were captured on camera. He was approached at Jackson Memorial Hospital and at the campus of Florida International University. Rubio walked away from the cameras and doesn’t say much as he’s questioned.

Later in the evening, dozens of people showed up to the town hall meeting Rubio opted out of. The event was organized by Indivisible Miami and held at the Universalist Unitarian Church in Southwest Miami-Dade.

Voters were visibly upset about the Senator’s absence. A spokesman for Rubio said in a statement that events like that are falsely advertised as being connected with the Senator.

Town halls are being held across the country where taxpayers have grilled lawmakers on topics like the Affordable Care Act and the Trump Administration.

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