Construction Worker Injured on Top of Brickell Building

A construction worker was injured when a wall of rebar collapsed on top of him Friday morning.

The accident happened on the 30th floor of the Brickell City Centre at 801 Brickell Avenue, prompting a daring rescue from the building's roof.

Firefighters stabilized the man in a Stokes basket before using a crane to lower him to the ground.

The man was then transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center, where he is listed in stable condition.

It is unclear what caused the rebar to collapse. 

A Team 6 Investigation in April showed nearby businesses have filed complaints saying construction from the new building is a hazard to employees and customers.

Alfredo Zayden, who owns Frame Art at 96 Southwest 7th Street, has filed a lawsuit against the developers of Brickell City Centre, the massive new mega mall that is slated to fill up 4 million square feet in the area. The court has yet to determine whether construction will be halted.

Others, like bystander Eddie Marrero Jr., said they have also felt endangered. Marrero said a concrete object fell from the building and hit his car when he was driving nearby on Thursday.

"Out of nowhere, a piece of cement just hits the car," he said. "I'm lucky to be alive. It sounded like a bomb went off when it hit."

The building's developer, Swire Properties, has told NBC 6 that it has done everything it can to be a good neighbor, including putting up safety barriers.

Meanwhile, the building's developers have set up a website to inform the community about the project. To see it, click here.

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