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Consumer Reports: Cell Phone Chargers

Nothing says misery like being out and about, away from a power source, and your phone goes dead. Lots of companies are tapping into that fear, producing products for portable power.

When you shop, look for milliamps per hour, or mAh. The average smart-phone battery holds about 2200 to 3000 mAh, so it’s good to get a charger with at least that much.

The Anker Astro Mini, a sleek device for $20, has 3200 mAh—that’s more than enough to fully charge your phone. It works with both Apple and Android devices and fits into any bag or pocket.

For true techies who need to power up several gadgets on the go, there’s the TYLT Energi+ Backpack for $200. The battery holds more than 10,000 mAh and has three ports—two for phones and one for a tablet. The cables run to plush-lined compartments that keep everything protected, including your laptop.

Another option is buying a charging case from companies such as Mophie and PhoneSuit. Consumer Reports’ tests show that they can almost double a phone’s battery life.

To keep your phone battery from running out of power, Consumer Reports recommends turning down your screen’s brightness, putting your phone in airplane mode if you are out of range of a strong signal, and closing apps when you’re done using them.

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