Contestants Vying To Become King and Queen of Miami Broward Carnival Friday

The titles bring with them a prize – and bragging rights

Wearing very colorful, very large costumes, more than 15 people will compete in each contest for the titles of king and queen of Miami Broward Carnival tonight.

They will be judged on their pageantry, portrayal, colors and creativity, said Yvette Harris, the carnival’s public relations director.

The titles bring with them a prize – and bragging rights, she said.

“You get to say that I’m the king of Miami Broward Carnival,” Harris said. “It’s more so the pride and the fact that you’re named that title – which is a very big thing within the Caribbean and Carnival culture.”

The costume competition will be followed by a steel band contest at Central Broward Regional Park at 300 Northwest 11th Place in Lauderhill. The event is scheduled to last until 11 p.m.

This is the fifth year of Miami Broward Carnival. Miami Carnival was held beginning in 1985 and Broward Carnival was launched in 2003 before they combined into one big celebration of Caribbean culture.

The 2013 event began Sept. 28 and is building up to a parade of over 20 masquerade bands and a concert on Sunday at Sun Life Stadium. About 25,000 people are expected to attend.

One change this year is that Carnival’s king and queen will be named Friday night, instead of on Sunday. Each band participating on Friday is led by its own king and queen.

Harris said last-minute prep will take place at people’s “mas camps” leading up to Sunday, when the Band of the Year will be chosen.

“They’re putting on the final touches – the glue, the feathers, the glitter and that type of stuff. And usually they work throughout the weekend for putting on Sunday’s Carnival,” she said. “That takes place throughout the weekend until the very last moment.”

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