The “Cookie Monster” Makes Public Plea

Stefanie Woods, AKA the "Cookie Monster," is back in jail

Stefanie Woods doesn't want to be called the "Cookie Monster" anymore. That was so two years ago.

Now the 19-year-old Palm Beach thief just wants someone to accept her phone calls.

Woods is most famous for shaking down a Girl Scout cookie seller for $169 in 2008, but she was arrested last week for helping a group rob a man of methadone and Xanax pills.

She called the Palm Peach Post over the weekend from jail because she couldn't get anyone else to answer her collect calls. And we all know a journalist can't turn down a scoop interview, even if it is from a criminal on the Girl Scout's Most Wanted list.

"I can't get ahold of anybody," Woods told the Palm Beach Post reporter. "I'm on my own with this one. [Members of my family] are not willing to bond me out or help me because they are done with me."

Woods first became infamous after she was arrested in January 2008 after she robbed a 9-year-old Girl Scout selling cookies outside a supermarket. Things got worse when Woods, then 17, went on TV and said it was an easy crime to commit.

That earned her the name of "Cookie Monster," which we are sure she could get tattooed on her in the big house.

But Woods doesn't want to relive that moment and just wants her family to talk to her again. To the Palm Beach Post's credit, they got in contact with the rogue teens mom, who said she would cut the phone on to receive the collect calls.

Deborah Smith, Woods' mother, had the perfect reply when the reporter contacted her about her daughter's plight.

"Oh, Lord," Smith said, "it gets weirder by the minute."

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