Patrol Car’s GPS Locates Lazy Cop

Cop raked in overtime while he sat at home


It's becoming a pretty routine habit for local cops to get caught by their own equipment.

Some have been caught by their own dash cams. Others have been done in by their traffic ticket books.

But Tuesday, a GPS foiled a Fort Lauderdale cop, who'd rather relax at home on the taxpayer's dime than fight crime.

Rick Burn, a 25-year veteran of the force, has been fired for not responding to emergency calls on duty and turning in false time cards, reports the Broward New Times.

Burn's dismissal stems from an incident at a Fort Lauderdale retirement home. Police responded to the disturbance and called Burn for back up, but Burn, who was supposed to be in the area, was actually at his home in Pompano Beach.

At least his car was parked in front of his house, according to his GPS system, which tracked his whereabouts.

Burn also reportedly didn't think the call was that much of an emergency and is quoted as saying it was probably just "senile old people."

Burn also left his patrol early several other times but turned in time cards that said he had worked full shifts. He pulled the same scheme when he was off duty, raking in overtime while his car was parked at his house.

But thanks to GPS, Burn won't be working the beat anymore. He'll be beating a path to the unemployment office.

Score another one for technology.

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