Cops Pose As Cab Drivers to Bust Drug Dealers in Marathon

Five alleged drug dealers busted in Taxi Cab Confessions operation

Monroe Sheriff's Office detectives posed as cab drivers in a four-month investigation that ended with the arrests of five alleged drug dealers, authorities said.

The investigation, dubbed operation Taxi Cab Confessions, focused on Marathon and had undercover cops buying marijuana, cocaine and assorted stolen property, including six GPS devices and two radar detectors, authorities said.

The operation wrapped up with the arrest Thursday of 38-year-old Pshantell Scott, who was busted on two outstanding warrants for sale of cocaine.

Also arrested were: Letty Ann Laster, 46, charged with sale of cocaine and marijuana; Gregory Allen David, 45, charged with three counts of sale of cocaine and sale of marijuana; Aric Tanner Jinks, 18, charged with two counts of sale of marijuana; and Yosvany Torna, 17, charged with three counts of dealing in stolen property and two counts of sale of marijuana.

More arrests are expected as part of the operation.

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