Coral Gables Crew Rescues Kitten from Vehicle Suspension

kitten rescue_FB
Coral Gables Fire Dept.

Members of the Coral Gables Fire Department assisted in a heartwarming animal rescue earlier this month.

On July 3, crew members rescued a baby kitten from underneath a vehicle's rear suspension.

Lt. Greg Atwood, along with Joe Campbell and Ishmael Roig, both paramedics, were informed by several shoppers that they heard cat-like sounds coming from underneath a parked vehicle at the Publix parking lot.

The crew determined the kitten was stuck in the vehicle's suspension.

After several failed attempts to lure the kitten out with food, Roig was able to reach the kitten and pull him out from the vehicle.

It's unclear whether the kitten was stuck underneath the vehicle while it was traveling, or crawled into the space while it was parked in the lot.

Once rescued, the kitten was immediately adopted by a bystander on site.

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