Coral Springs Official Launching Online Job Site for Locals

Coral Springs officials launched a website to help locals find work

Coral Springs Vice Mayor Tom Powers wants people to find work but not just anywhere. He wants it to happen in his city.

"That takes care of the empty homes because they'd come here and buy a house, and you have the trickle down economy result of that," Powers said. "The more people we bring in, the more retail stores are able to expand. If a restaurant has to hire one or two more people a week, we created that economy."

The Coral Springs Career Outreach Project was his idea. It's an online database where Coral Springs businesses can post job openings and then job seekers can search for jobs .

The new program is designed to keep talent local, and 21-year-old Dan Daley is one such person.

"I was the anomaly because I came back to Coral Springs to work and live and most people don't come back," Daley said, who is also co-chair of the website.

After graduating from Florida State University, Daley wanted to work in government but didn't want to stay in the state's capital.

"I saw that I can continue to make a difference in the community, that's how I got partnered with Vice Mayor Powers," Daley said.

The two are working together, not just targeting high school and college students, but also older adults who need jobs.

"Businesses say 'we don't want to locate to South Florida because there's no workforce.' We know we have the workforce," Powers said. "We have tremendously educated folks here."

Coral Springs Career Outreach Project also has a Facebook page.

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