South Florida

Coral Springs Police Officers Give Free Arby's Meal to Homeless Man

Arby's offered free meals for police officers in South Florida on Friday, following a controversial incident involving an Pembroke Pines officer.

In addition, Arby's CEO Paul Brown traveled to the area to speak with law enforcement personnel.

In response to the free meal offer, two officers with the Coral Springs Police Department took them up on the deal. However, they gave their meal to a homeless man instead of having it for themselves.

The free meals and CEO visit follow an incident earlier this week involving Arby's manager Angel Mirabel, clerk Kenneth Davenport and Pembroke Pines Sgt. Jennifer Martin.

Davenport allegedly refused to serve the officer.

Sgt. Martin pulled up to the drive-thru to place an order. According to the incident report, Martin said Davenport seemed slightly rude and short with his responses.

When she went up to the window, Mirabel said, "He doesn't want to serve you because you're a police officer."

The next day, Davenport showed up at the restaurant and claimed the incident was a misunderstanding and it was a joke.

Mirabel has since been fired and Davenport has been suspended.

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