Coral Springs Police Using New CopDots Technology to Track Stolen Property

Mini dots applied to property will help police recover stolen items in Coral Springs

Coral Springs Police are joining other South Florida law enforcement agencies in going high tech to fight crime.

CopDots, an adhesive that contains thousands of minuscule dots that can be placed on personal property, will soon help police in tracking down thieves, officials said at a news conference Tuesday.

The dots, which are smaller than a grain of sand, are applied with a pen-like applicator, and each dot has a unique, non-removable number on it. When stolen property is recovered by police, Cop Dots makes it easier to find the owner, police said.

"Our priority is to prevent crimes, and utilizing this new technology will send a strong message to criminals that the City of Coral Springs as well as the South Florida region is going to fight back against property crime," Coral Springs Police Chief Tony Pustizzi said. "We will use the most advanced technologies to prevent and even convict criminals who target personal property of the residents in our community."

Coral Springs is just the latest local agency to use new technology in fighting property crime. Earlier this year, Fort Lauderdale Police began using a high-tech water, SmartWater CSI, which can also be applied to property to help track it or find criminals.

Police credited SmartWater CSI with helping them catch a car burglary suspect in July.

CopDots costs $29.95 and is available at Lowe's Hardware stores. Police said it can be applied to anything.

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