Corrections Officer Says MDPD Officer Shot at Her in Road Rage Incident

A Miami-Dade Corrections officer says a Miami-Dade Police Officer shot at her all over a road rage incident.

Corrections officer Georgina Illa said a driver in a white car cut her off on the Turnpike near Southwest 153rd Street Sunday night just before 11 p.m. She said she flashed her bright lights at him.

“I went to the right lane to pass him. As I was passing him, first he threw a cup, some sort of liquid, water, I don’t know what it was. Hit my driver window, so I’m already freaking out,” Officer Illa said. “Next thing I know, he is holding a gun, literally he is sitting in the passenger side. He’s holding a gun, pointing a gun right at me and he shot it.”

Illa said she doesn’t know if she ducked or swerved when the gun was allegedly pointed at her, “all I know is that my whole body was trembling. I was fumbling with my phone. I was trying to call FHP.”

The bullet went through Illa’s taillight, through her trunk, and then lodged in the rear seat of the car. Illa said she flagged down an officer driving nearby, who then pulled the suspect’s car over. Illa said she also stopped and that’s when one of the officers on the scene told her a Miami-Dade Police Officer fired his gun.

A source told NBC 6, Officer Jonathan Lang, who works in the department’s South District station is the alleged shooter. A source also told NBC 6 Lang was the passenger in the car and it was his wife who was driving the car.

NBC 6’s Steve Litz tried to get a comment from Officer Lang, but he drove away when he was approached for comment. His police cruiser was seen Monday afternoon parked outside of the police substation.

“I just don’t understand why anybody would that, whatever his specific case is,” Illa said. “Maybe he’s going through something. I can’t speculate, I don’t want to. But it is just, somebody tried to take my life and it needs to be addressed.”

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