Costly Loss: Owner Covers $4,000 in Bar Tabs After Heat Debacle

Whiskey Tango All American Bar & Grill will cover any bar tab if the Miami Heat lose


While some businesses are betting on the Miami Heat to run rough shot on the NBA in a figurative sense, a Hollywood bar has taken the challenge literally and lost big Tuesday night.

Whiskey Tango All American Bar & Grill lost $4,100 after it had to cover the bar tabs of customers who signed up for the Three King challenge. The Hollywood pub vowed to pay anyone's bar tab up to $25 if the Heat lost.

So when the Heat lost, customers actually won.

But the 88-80 defeat at the hands of the Boston Celtics won't stop the Heat or the bar owner, who says despite the hefty tab, he plans on extending the challenge for the entire season. That;'s 81 more games worth of drinks.

The Heat can't lose them all, at least the bar hopes not or else employees will be drowning their sorrows in alcohol.

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