Couple Claims Metal Found Cooked in Burger at Florida Hooters

Ibrahim Inrahimi said he and his wife went to a location in South Tampa recently when his wife noticed a problem several bites into her meal

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A Florida couple say they got more than they ordered from a neighborhood restaurant recently – a trip to the hospital after the woman ingested metal allegedly cooked inside of her burger.

Ibrahim Inrahimi said he and his wife went to a Hooters restaurant located in South Tampa recently when his wife, Nazakat Eminova, noticed a problem several bites into her meal.

“Less than half-finished, she realized something in her mouth and she pulled out and it was a big, something like a needle, very sharp edges,” Inrahimi told NBC affiliate WFLA-TV.

Video taken by the couple showed what appeared to be a metal object on the plate – and growing concern as Eminova had swallowed another piece of the burger before realizing the problem.

“I don’t know exactly where it came from but it could be it could be a part of a brush, looks like a part of a brush that they brush the grill,” said Inrahimi.

The couple called over a manager, who offered to call for an ambulance. The couple was taken to a nearby hospital, where X-ray tests showed Eminova did have a piece of metal lodged into both her throat and stomach.

”The minute we got here they gave her a shot because they said the rusty metal could cause an infection, a very deadly infection,” said Inrahimi.

The couple filed a report with Tampa Police, who say their investigation is continuing. Hooters told the station they are aware of the incident.

“We have initiated an internal investigation,” the company said in a statement. “Food and guest safety are the number one priority for us, as it has been for the past 36 years.”

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