Couple Married On Leap Year Celebrate Marriage All The Time

Alvin and Saundra Karp were married on Feb. 29, 1964

If you ask Alvin or Saundra Karp, they celebrate their 48-year marriage all the time. Even if their anniversary only appears on the calendar once every four years. 

“It was his idea,” says Saundra, about getting married on the extra February day – the 29th – in 1964. The two met at a dance, where Saundra came with a friend, and Alvin was the band leader. She didn’t know much about music back then she says, but she started dating a music teacher.

"It was a leap, no question about that,” Alvin says of his leap-year proposal with a smile.

February 29th has only come around 12 times since they’ve been married. 

“Oh 12 years,” said Saundra thoughtfully, “Seems so much longer in actuality.”
Of course it is – nearly half a century. The New Jersey natives came moved to Florida in the late 70s, raised two sons, and have lived in their North Miami Beach home since 1981.
Over the years, the two made music together – publicly and privately. They performed at a nightclub Tuesday night; Saundra on vocals, Alvin on saxophone, their son Larry at the keyboard.
“We don’t take ourselves seriously,” Saundra said.
“We don’t?” said her husband.
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