Couple's ATM Deposit Mysteriously Disappears

Pedro and Gloria Carrena work hard to keep their small janitorial business going. Pedro starts his day at 3 a.m. cleaning office buildings. Gloria is both office manager and salesperson.

They need every payment their clients make.

"We need the money to pay the workers," Gloria said. "It’s a very small company. We really need it to pay the rent, to pay everything."

Recently, Gloria says they deposited a check from one of their best clients valued at $1,070. They used a Chase Bank drive-thru ATM in Coral Gables. But she said the money never showed up in their account.

"It’s truly a mystery,” Gloria said. "It’s like a ghost took the money, took the check. I don’t understand."

After she first asked about the money, she said Chase credited their account with the missing money. But two days later, the payment was reversed.

"They have not found the money anywhere."

Their client provided them a canceled check showing it was deposited but it doesn’t show where.

The Carreno’s acknowledge they were wrong to not keep a receipt of their deposit. But they believe the missing money was a bank error. That’s why they called NBC 6 Responds.

“We are very worried and very sad,” Gloria said about her fear they wouldn’t ever get the money.

However, after we reached out to Chase, the bank took another look into the issue. Chase credited the Carreno account the missing $1,070.

The bank provided a statement to NBC 6 Responds: “We successfully process thousands of ATM deposits for our customers every day and this was an isolated incident.

“It’s because of you. Because of NBC,” she said. "Thanks NBC for the help, for the commitment to the community."

Chase Bank recommends consumers keep a receipt of any transaction until you can confirm it’s in your account.

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