Couponer Gives Away Food to South Florida Shelters

Jerry Ascione gives away the food he gathers

Jerry Ascione spends a lot of time cutting coupons.

"Right now, for this week there's about 7 good deals that I saw and everything I do is visual that's why I have it all layed out," he said while he looked through his stacks of coupons.

That means he buys at least 10 newspapers a week with all the inserts, and he gets coupons online too.

He says it helps to be good at math because the more combinations you could make some more money you can save. "

Ascione has stacks of cereal, tomato sauce, iced tea, water and countless items to keep him alive for a while. But also cuts coupons for another reason.

"I was taught very young age that if you have something give it away. I don't know hungry, I have plenty of food,” he said.

So when he is not hunting for a good deal,he's giving it all away on the streets, at local shelters and soup kitchens in South Florida. YouTube video, which was filmed by a friend and posted by Ascione, shows him giving out water and food boxes to homeless people.

"If it goes from the shelf, from my hand, from my hand in their mouth, I've solved that problem for that day," he said.

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