Court Allows Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor to Practice During Appeals Process

Dr. Osak Omulepu will be allowed to continue performing Brazilian Butt Lifts and other cosmetic procedures while he appeals the Florida Board of Medicine’s decision to revoke his license.  The 1st District Court of Appeals granted what’s called a “stay” Friday afternoon, meaning Dr. Omulepu can continue practicing while he fights to get his license back.

Earlier this week, the Florida Board of Medicine filed paperwork to officially revoke the license of Dr. Osak Omulepu.

Department of Health officials said the doctor was "reckless" in performing Brazilian Butt Lift procedures on two women in 2015. Both women were hospitalized with life-threatening conditions. 

On May 15, 2015, mothers Nyosha Fowler and Donna Mcrae traveled from out of state to Miami to undergo Brazilian Butt Lift procedures. That's where fat is taken from a patients stomach or back and injected into their butt.

An administrative judge ruled Dr. Omulepu committed malpractice by improperly using the metal instrumented to inject fact, along with record keeping violations. The doctor struck McRae's liver and Fowler's bowel. Both women were hospitalized and Fowler said she still has trouble walking two years later.

During a recent medical board hearing, Dr. Omulepu's attorney argued hitting an organ is a known complication that is covered in the consent form signed by patients.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is growing in popularity around the world. A series of NBC 6 Investigations into the surgery sparked a worldwide study that found the risk of dying is up to 20 times greater than any other cosmetic procedure. The study also issued new recommendations to doctors, encouraging them to not insert instruments too deeply into the body to avoid veins and organs.

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