Cows Crash Miami Lakes Backyard

Talk about a bunch of unwelcome house guests!

Miami Lakes homeowner Claudia David says she left for work about 8 a.m. on Tuesday, and a short time later, she received a call from her daughter who was home sick that the normal mooing they hear from the pasture next door was unusually loud.

"She said, mom I can't sleep. The cows are mooing so loud." David said. "The moo is like right next to me!"

David's daughter Alexa Gavriria wasn't far off. That's because a bunch of cows from a nearby pasture had crashed the fence of their home in the 8900 block of Northwest 162nd Terrace.

"I hurried up to see in the window, and there was about like 5 to 6 cows" Gavriria says. She was able to capture cell phone video of the unusual scene.

David says the unruly cows broke her chain link fence to get into her backyard. The cows roamed around, knocking over flower pots and chairs and breaking things along the way. David says the cows even drank the water out of her backyard Jacuzzi.

The family had also recently spent nearly $800 on landscaping, all of which became breakfast for the bovine intruders.

"Everything they saw they ate!" David says. "They pooped, peed, everything inside our backyard!"

David says the cows stayed around for several minutes wreaking havoc in her backyard before simply taking off in the same manner in which they came.

The damage was significant, but according to David, there's no hard feelings and they actually find the entire situation to be rather humorous.

"We love cows, don't get me wrong, but on THAT side of the fence!" David jokes.

The family says the owner of the pasture where the cows escaped from has apologized and agreed to cover the costs to repair the damage left behind by the cows.

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