Keith Jones

Crew Begins Cleaning WWII Vet's Bee-Infested Hollywood Home

A crew spent Tuesday trying to clear a 97-year-old World War II veteran's Hollywood home that was infested with tens of thousands of bees.

"This is the biggest bee job I've ever done," bee eradicator John Coldwell told NBC 6.

Coldwell was called to house and found a wall of wax and honey behind another wall. The wax and honey wall, constructed for over 10 years, was 10 feet long and wrapped around to the back of the house.

What Coldwell found in the attic is even worse.

"The hive is probably about three and a half feet tall. From the apex of the roof to the bottom joist, is about four feet wide to about 2-4 feet deep," he said. The hive alone could contain as many as half a million bees, he said.

The job will entail five to six days of removal. The bees are African colonized bees, among the most aggressive.

The beehive will be taken it to the Urban Farming Institute in Oakland Park.

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