Deerfield Beach

Crews Engaged in Controlled Hazmat Burn Off in Deerfield Beach: BSO

Authorities in Broward County are busy responding to a hazmat operation in Deerfield Beach that could take several hours.

According to BSO, multiple units were called just after 9 a.m. to a report of an underground gas tank that was leaking at a property located at 707 Northwest 15th Ave. in Deerfield Beach.

Initial reports suggest that the resident just recently had that tank refilled when he heard the hissing sound of a leak, BSO says.

Hazmat techs say the tank is leaking from a rusted or broken pressure relief valve and crews will be conducting a monitored burn-off of the fuel which could take as long as two to three hours.

It's estimated that the 500 lb tank is about 75 percent full.

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