Crews Respond to Dorm Fire at Barry University: MDFR

Residents in an dormitory building at Barry University were evacuated Tuesday morning after a fire broke out inside one of the units, according to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

Preliminary information from MDFR shows that the fire was contained to one apartment dwelling near 11300 Northeast Second Avenue. At least one other unit was impacted by the fire.

One student in an adjacent dorm room saw the smoke and proceeded to open a door and saw the flames coming out.

"It's crazy, I woke up and there was smoke all over the room, I just ran," Jacob Rodriguez said. "You just saw the flames just taking over the whole room, it was insane."

Rodriguez said one student tried to put the fire out.

"He walked in to put it out and check what was happening but he told me he couldn't put it out," Rodriguez said.

No injuries were reported, and no one was present in the area where the fire started.

Crews were checking to make sure the fire did not spread to any other apartments.

Fire officials said the fire was caused by an iron left unattended.

School officials said the students affected by the fire would be relocated.

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