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Bodies Recovered After Car Goes Into Broward County Canal

Rescue crews pulled the bodies of several people from a car that went into a canal near Fort Lauderdale early Monday morning.

Broward Sheriff's Office officials say they located the vehicle that went off the road near NW 29th Avenue and 14th Street after 4:30 a.m. Monday. A witness told NBC 6 they saw a vehicle, a burgundy Jaguar, driving at a high rate of speed before going through a fence and into the water. "Basically, the car was coming speeding down the street and I didn't see no brake lights. And all I heard was boom," said Chanicia Bucknor.

One man - identified as 21-year-old Keiontae Meyers - was able to swim out of the car, telling crews that three other people were inside. Several brave bystanders who heard him yelling, rushed to help by throwing a garden hose into the water. "Basically, we all pulled him in with the rope," explained Bucknor. Meyers was taken to the hospital.

Jasmine Davis, 23, and Jarvis Mosley, 21, were killed in the crash. Crews found their bodies around 9 a.m. A GoFundMe page was set up in the name of Mosley to help raise funds for his funeral.

Jarvis Mosley, 21, was among the dead after a car took a fatal plunge into a canal near Fort Lauderdale Monday morning.

The search continued for a third person, who police say is another woman, 26-year old Lucienne Pierre, as officers removed the car from the water. Pierre was presumed dead.

Monday night, neighbors built a memorial for the three lives lost. A pastor of a church located next to the lake spents part of the evening repairing the fence the car plowed in to. Ales Charles said this is not the first time a vehicle has crashed into the same fence. "This time is the worst," explained Charles.

Officials say the search was difficult due to the deep water and dense vegetation in the lake. "The brush in the lake is very thick. I'm told the weeds are eight feet deep. Visibility is very low," said  Keyla Concepcion, Broward Sheriff's Rescue.

The cause of the crash is unknown. Police have not said if the driver will face any charges. 

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