Crime Prevention the Focus of National Night Out in Coral Gables

National Night Out is a good opportunity for residents to get to know police officers and fire officials, but police said it's also a good time to discuss crime prevention.

One crime that has Coral Gables residents concerned is the creeper who is still on the loose. He's known as the serial creeper, terrorizing women across Miami-Dade County since April 2014, and many of his victims live in Coral Gables.

"It's frightening. Especially as a woman, it's frightening," said Anaili Cure.

According to police, the man is linked to more than a dozen cases. Most victims said they wake up to him standing near their bed.

The most recent incident was reported in Miami Beach in August. A woman told detectives she woke up to a man performing oral sex on her. 

Over the weekend, a man with a similar MO was arrested by Miami Beach detectives, but officials said DNA shows this is not the creepy criminal.

"We know the profile that we are looking for. We're gonna continue and there is not a day that goes by that the detectives assigned don't think about that case," said Coral Gables Police Chief Edward Hudak.

They not only think about the case, they're actively working with other agencies to zero in on him, and officers said community members are often their best eyes and ears.

Initiatives like National Night Out bring residents and law enforcement together to talk about crime prevention and safety.

The Coral Gables Police and fire departments brought out all the bells and whistles for their night out, showing community members how they get the job done.

Officers want to remind everyone if you "See Something, Say Something" and take the necessary precautions to stay safe, such as locking your doors and windows.

In addition, many police departments offer free home security checks if needed.

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