“Criminal Casanova” Arrested in Broward

Trevor Thornton is allegedly a serial con artist with multiple wives, fiances, girlfriends and children.

Authorities say they have arrested a "criminal Casanova" suspected of swindling thousands of dollars from wives, fiances and girlfriends across the nation.

Trevor Thornton, 33, was arrested on Nov. 19 on a grand theft charge in Broward County after he stole $14,000 from a woman he had been dating for just two weeks, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators said Thornton met 29-year-old Charlaine Pierre Louis on the online dating site PlentyOfFish.com. The two went on a weekend trip to Puerto Rico and when they returned, a relative told Pierre Louis she had seen Thornton's mug shot online, deputies said. 

"She said, 'Char, listen, wherever he is, this man has so many mug shots onilne. You gotta be aware, be careful,'" Louis told NBC 6.

Louis decided to check on her safe that contained $14,000 in cash and discovered it was missing, BSO said.

Deputies arrested Thornton and said they quickly realized he had a long criminal history of fraud and theft. Investigators said Thornton is a serial con artist with multiple wives, fiances, girlfriends and children.

He allegedly owes a "fortune" in child support and has left a trail of victims in Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and California. One victim created a YouTube video warning others about Thornton, deputies said.

Authorities say Thornton pretends to be a wealthy man, a pilot or a special agent, and sometimes wears a badge on his hip.

"He looks for women that are successful and he sells you this dream, this story," Louis said. "I found all this information about other women. He's been married six times, he has like 11 children, he puts on this show and facade."

Thornton served time in Florida state prison from 2003 to 2006 for similar crimes committed in Hillsboro County, deputies said. He sometimes goes by the name Tre or Trey and has used the last names Thompson, Thomas, Tolbert and Touchstone, according to BSO.

Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of Thornton's is urged to contact Det. Robert Petoskey at 954-435-2200.

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