Crist Would Win Three-Way Play: Poll

Quinnipiac gives slight edge to Crist, if he becomes an independent

marco crist meek

Gov. Charlie Crist doesn't have a snow balls chance in the South Beach sun of beating Marco Rubio in the race for the Senate, but he may be the man to beat in a political three-way.

The good people at Quinnipiac University seem to think so. A recent survey showed that if Crist were to run as an independent, he would have a slim lead over Rubio and the Democrat candidate U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek.

That being said, Crist has said his blood is GOP red and he wouldn't dare change his party affiliation. But a win is a win, no matter the party.

Then came today's veto of Senate Bill 6, which was largely a Republican championed bill. Crist going against his own party has pretty much made him the black sheep of the state GOP and he had to know that going into his press conference. That also means he must know his best shot at making it to Capitol Hill is to run for the hills and become an independent.

According to Quinnipiac, if Crist jumped ship now, he would be able to steal enough Democrat votes from Meek, while still holding on to a decent percentage of his Republican fans.

The alternative is going up against Rubio and getting trounced in the Republican primary. And who wants to get run over by a man who gets his back waxed?

Under that scenario, Rubio and Meek would face off in a showdown of the Miamians, with Rubio taking the prize in November.

But the wild card is the governor, who can stay true blue to his GOP red, or turn yella and run as an independent and possibly win.

Decisions. Decisions.

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