Video Captures Cross-Dressing Thieves Stealing at Hardware Store

Two men tried to hide their hardware by dressing up as women

A group of Miami men tried to hide their tools while stealing tools at a South Florida hardware store Wednesday.

Three men were arrested, including two who dressed up as women, at a Home Depot after the group tried to sneak out of the store with an assortment of items, reports the Sun-Sentinel.

Pepper-Spraying Cross Dressers

Surveillance video captured the cross-dressing theives as they tried to escape by bombarding employees and customers with pepper spray.

David Tucker, 24, wore a pink shirt, jean skirt and flip flops as he perused tool aisles for potential items. Kendal Edgar Lowry, 26, adorned himself in a yellow tank top, a pair of skinny jeans and some gray boots. 

If the real police didn't catch these cross dressers, certainly the fashion police would have a case.

The men were initially caught in the act by an employee in the Palm Beach County store, but tried to make a run for the exit. When that failed, they pepper sprayed several employees and customers and jumped into an SUV.

A third man, 37-year-old Jeffrey Baldwin, was also part of the robbery. The vehicle was stopped before the cross dressers could leave the parking lot.

A woman reportedly fainted, either from the effects of pepper spray or the realization that the robbers were really men.

It's unclear if the female disguises were meant to throw off security or a lifestyle choice.

The men have been charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery.

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